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Leadership & Coaching Testimonials


“Susan has demonstrated she is a  masterful coach and leadership facilitator.  She consistently and unerringly balances the need for compassion, empathy and caring with the need to have people face head-on aspects of themselves which manifest in outward observable behaviour – which they may not naturally be inclined to examine.  Susan continues to work with us as a facilitator and coach for our ever-evolving leadership development program.”


Glen Coghlan – Director of People & Culture – Ajilon

“Susan, thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into our coaching relationship whilst I was with Unisys West.  It has exceeded all my personal expectations.  I found the experience very rewarding and beneficial.  I have been able to deploy the principles we have worked through and realised a significant result in my communications, relationships and levels of engagement with my team and other staff.  I would be more than happy to act as a referee.”



Peter Price – former CEO  Unisys West Pty Ltd

“Susan Kroening worked with Ajilon over a 24 month period as our Leadership Coach and has made a tremendous impact on our organisation!  Collaborating with our Director of People & Culture, Susan worked with us to design a framework that will have continual leadership development as a fundamental activity within Ajilon.  Susan began with the executive team and showed great patience and skill in taking us on the journey – which often can be confronting. Susan’s determination through those initial months was the real key to success and I found her coaching inspiring.  Susan went on to coach our National Leadership Team (~ 50 people) and again the feedback was fantastic. Then, in support of us developing Ajilon’s next layer of leaders and managers, she helped develop our internal People & Culture team to enable them to run the coaching internally.  Working with Susan guarantees results!”



Ger Doyle – Managing Director  Ajilon

“I have worked with Susan since 2008 in my capacity as Managing Consultant, Leadership and Culture at the Water Corporation.  Susan was (and still is) a member of the Water Corporation coaching panel, as a facilitator and coach, working with a wide variety of different management teams including the Executive Level.  An extremely skilled and versatile facilitator and coach, Susan achieves results. She is energetic, engaging, pragmatic and creative.  Aside from her obvious intellect, vast experience and insight, Susan’s strengths also lie in her ability to constantly adapt her style to suit her audience or client, and her willingness to partner with HR and share her knowledge with other professionals in her field.  As a coach and facilitator Susan is compassionate, challenging and brings a sense of fun to growth and learning.  I have never failed to leave one of Susan’s sessions feeling energised and inspired.” 




Christine Boulton – Senior HR Advisor – Racing and Wagering WA

“I was initially a little sceptical about coaching before commencing, but engaged with an open mind and was very pleasantly surprised.   The 360 feedback and sessions with Susan had a significant impact on my understanding of my personal leadership style and areas in which I can continue to improve. There are several key learning’s from these sessions that I will continue to work on, for many years to come.  I would highly recommend Susan Kroening as a coach / mentor for senior managers.”      


Mark Edebone – General Manager, Global Sustainability   Orica Limited

“I have had the good fortune to not only meet Susan, but to have been guided by her through my journey of change – with exceptional results for my career, employer and family. Measurable benefits have been achieved in my influencing capabilities, work productivity and career opportunities through the implementation of the strategies Susan and I co-designed specifically for my needs. I can recommend Susan without reservation for anyone or any company seeking to improve their personal or business performance.”



Gary Matson –  Principal Consultant, Perth –  QSE Integrated

“Susan has a natural, gentle, positive approach to coaching.  Susan provides a non-judgemental sounding board, while helping me realise differing viewpoints exist, and this has helped me consider issues from multiple perspectives.  She has the ability to recognise, understand and explore complex business relationships which has helped me value-add to the organisation.  On the personal side Susan has helped me with future life planning in terms of raising issues that need to be examined in the long-term retirement planning process.  Susan is that rare combination of seasoned business coach and friendly, attentive ear.”


Jeff Mann – Assistant Director Department of Finance, WA

“Susan, I’ve really appreciated your coaching and advice over the past few months. I think I’ve made some good progress in developing strategies to better manage my time, in particular by blocking out periods of my calendar to keep up with my core science activities. I also feel that I have improved my communication skills, especially when it comes to initiating conversations (actively rather than passively). Most importantly, I am learning to say “no” much more readily, focusing much more on prioritising what activities are worthy of my time.  I am also very encouraged that I have achieved a broader influence within CSIRO, which was a major goal of my LRE experience.”



Dr Owain Edwards  – Program Leader, Invertebrate Genomics and Evolution, Principal Research Scientist – CSIRO Entomology

“I was privileged to attend an LSI Program. Susan Kroening was one of the presenters at our two day workshop. I then proceeded with a series of one on one coaching sessions with Susan where we explored options in respect of my continued personal development. Susan provided excellent support and guidance on this journey of discovery. As a consequence of her wisdom, philosophies and insight I continue to derive benefit from these coaching sessions.”


Robert J Dey –  Babel –  ECS Pty Ltd

“I have received business coaching from Susan over the past four years and I can honestly say it has not only changed my way of working, but has had a profound effect on my relationships outside of work as well. Susan is constantly challenging my current paradigm and supports me as I explore alternative ways work with others in a more constructive way. The work I have done with Susan has given me the confidence to lead a team of experienced professionals with a level of maturity and emotional intelligence I doubt I would have been able to attain on my own.”



Shannon Ford – Controls Manager, Project Management Branch – Water Corporation