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Facilitation & Training Testimonials

“I have been lucky enough to have experienced Susan’s facilitation skills on several occasions with differing groups both large and small and have been amazed at her ability to bring us all along, engage our input, keep us to task, tie a multitude of complexities together and enable great outcomes. She has a wonderful way with people, highly developed understanding of leadership and interpersonal relationships and unlike many other facilitators an affinity with business principals. I would highly recommend Susan’s facilitation services.”



Mark Herbert – Manager, Infrastructure Design – Water Corporation

“Susan provided excellent support and assistance with the design and facilitation of an extended series of consultation workshops across the state. The consultations were an integral part of the Third Review of the General Gumala Foundation and Trust Deed.  She managed the complex tasks and the demanding work settings with great professionalism and delivered excellent summaries on each of the consultations to permit compilation of the Review Report (see www.gumalatrust com).  We would have no hesitation in recommending Susan for her skills in process design, community engagement and facilitation.”


Tony Cooke – Executive Officer – Gumala Investments Pty Ltd

As a facilitator Susan is a very skilled operator. In a recent workshop she was able to navigate a large group of engineers through a two day agenda and keep all involved and interested. The workshop was well received and resulted in positive outcomes …”


Stephen Horrocks – Project Director, Wastewater – Water Corporation

“Working with Teams and Conflict Resolution are most certainly Susan’s forte … her personal skills, intuition, honesty, humour, clarity and compassion allow her to enrol people in believing in the value of connecting, resolving issues and collaborating”.   

H.R. –  Managing Director   Successories, Victoria

“With Susan’s skill and sensitivity, and her ability to carefully attune to the various group dynamics it became very clear, early on, that everyone’s voice in the room was equal and no-one was being made wrong. She was able to successfully facilitate the group’s emotions, taking their skepticism and translating it into what it really was . . . resignation due to long term frustration . . .  and then most importantly, with her positive approach and skillful facilitation the groups re-energised, connected and were transformed into a united high performance team.”                            



D.M. – Success Training Australia P/L

“Susan, I would like to express my thanks for the 2 day Presentation Skills course you ran.  It is one of the most useful courses I have been on, was well paced, gave good opportunities for practicing what we had learned and kept up a high level of energy and interest for the participants. … Thank you again for the very practical skills you taught us.” 


Mark Treloar – Indigenous Land Corporation

“ …Your style of facilitating was very unique in the way you involved all of us.  What also made a difference was your ability to draw out what each of our visions are for the business.  The way you examined the business in terms of systems, sales and service – inviting each of us to look at areas we could both individually and as a team improve – helped each person fully participate …”



Tony Amor – Dealer Principal  Tony Amor Yamaha

“The two day ‘Conflict Resolution’ course held at the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) in Canberra was invaluable.  There was a variety of topics covered in regards to preventing and managing conflict – including behaviour/working styles, verbal language and mind sets. The course had a great balance of self-reflection and methods on identifying and working with different styles.  The facilitator, Susan Kroening, dealt with the discussions professionally and with enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this course as it not only equips you with tools in communicating effectively with and managing colleagues from all levels, it also provides the opportunity to reflect on your own behaviour and how to increase positivity and collaboration within your own team and across the workplace.” 


EL1 – Department of Communications – Canberra

“Susan has a rich and varied set of life experiences to draw upon and she openly shares these during the 2 day Conflict Resolution course. This really helped me to feel that the advice she was giving us was credible and built a sense of trust.  In my role I frequently have to deal with conflict both in managing my own staff, and in reporting upwards.  The skills and techniques I learned on the program found immediate application when I returned to work.  The course has helped me to navigate calmly through these conflicts and arrive at resolutions which satisfy everyone involved.  I recommend this course to anyone that manages a team or has ever had any challenges in working with supervisors, stakeholder groups or people more senior.”



Dan Beck –  Senior Patent Analyst, Office of the Chief Economist –  IP Australia

“Susan, engaging you as a coach and also to chair our team meeting – so I could just be a participant –  has really paid dividends and I am happy to say our team is back on track.  I felt very supported as you helped navigate myself and my team through some challenging topics  . . .  I’d be delighted to recommend you for your coaching capability as well as your facilitation skill in working with complex team dynamics.”


Madeleine Hubbard, Integration & Marketing Director, NovaFM, dmgRadio Australia