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Which Diagnostic, Profile or Assessment would best suit our needs?

With a wide range of assessments and diagnostics available, you may be struggling to determine what will best serve your organisation.  Perhaps you are curious about . . .  

Question 195

  • One of our team-members is really technically clever but struggles with the ‘people side’ of things     . . . could an inventory assist them?  Can people become more emotionally intelligent?  Or is it something we are born with?
  • Will all inventories or profiling tools achieve a similar outcome?
  • How might we integrate a profile, inventory or 360 assessment into an integrated learning journey?
  • Which tools would best support teambuilding and team alignment?
  • Is there a tool that is best suited for working with Senior Leadership teams?
  • What tools would best align with our organisational competency framework?

Facilitating Success, experts in Organisational Development, are happy to offer a free consultation to graph 175discuss how you might best incorporate diagnostics or profiles to further your organisational performance.  Utilising robust frameworks, in an integrated way will assist to powerfully shape and underpin your strategy for individual, team and leadership development.  We also have a range of surveys which will assist in identifying your current organisational culture and we can partner with you to develop a strategy to drive your desired organisational outcomes, including creating a culture of leadership excellence.

Unlocking potential in your organisation

Facilitating Success has proven that by providing development for individuals, teams and leadership utilising the right instrument to facilitate self-awareness and insight – people can change.  With the right frameworks and education, people and teams can learn to:


  • lessen conflict
  • better manage stress
  • reduce unhelpful behaviours
  • build better working relationships
  • improve their leadership effectiveness
  • increase individual and team productivity

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in unlocking potential in your organisation.