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Donald Meissner

Professional Coach

Donald_Meissner160Prior to moving into the coaching arena in 2002,  Don Meissner has worked in a variety of industries. Originally trained as a Marine Engineer, Don worked with BHP, ASP Shipping and P&O Cruise lines.  While enjoying the many international experiences this offered with 12 years at sea, he tired of the nomadic lifestyle switching to chemical sales.  Don joined Applied Chemicals in Victoria, where he achieved aggressive targets – regularly winning Victorian Sales Rep of the year throughout the early ‘80s. 

This led to an interest in marketing – which became the catalyst for owning a number of businesses in the personal services, entertainment and hospitality industries.  As a leader and manager Don was constantly curious about how to ignite and harness his direct reports fullest potential and the next decade saw him investigate psycho-cybernetics, personal development, study with Robert Kiyosaki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  In the early 1990’s he started a seminar company in the business education sector where he promoted international speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepok Chopra and Zig Ziglar at annual business seminars in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.  

Today in his corporate coaching practice, Don combines a deep interest in people, an ability to ask penetrating questions, along with his quest for the elements that lead to personal success.  A master-practitioner of NLP, Don completed the REAL Coach Program – a 2 year Coach Training Program and also studied Meta Coaching (14 days) with Michael Hall.

Qualifications, Registrations, Memberships
              Bazi Profiling System
2003    Meta Coaching
2003    REAL Coaching
2003    Master Coaching with Chris Howard
2001    NLP Master Practitioner
1999    DiSC Profiling
1976    Marine Engineers – 1st Class