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Building Performance Teams

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TeamworkCreating Connected and High Performing Teams:

It is rare for a high performing team to ‘just happen’.  Research informs us that leadership plays a central role in enabling goal clarity, agreed values and behaviours.  Leaders are responsible for team structures, trust levels, processes for decision making and role-modelling ways of constructively working through conflict. 

“ … Susan was able to successfully facilitate the group’s emotions, taking their skepticism and translating it into what it really was . . . resignation due to long term frustration. Then most importantly, with her positive approach and skillful facilitation the groups re-energised, connected and were transformed into a united high performance team …”                  D.M. –  Managing Director, Success Training Australia P/L

Leaders who are best able to leverage the power of their teams, support team-members in building self-awareness, aiding them to understand their own and other’s work style preferences so they can more work effectively. Our professional facilitators, experts in collaboration, training and coaching can partner and provide you with support as you lead your team.   Contact us for:

  • ‘on-boarding’ new teams or new members92411270- 4 people in different hard hats on site
  • fun and interactive team building activities
  • group and team coaching
  • meeting facilitation
  • building leadership capability
  • project team alignment
  • exploring and resolving conflict
  • building collaboration
  • deepening dialogue ensuring crucial conversations happen

Investing in professional facilitation services for team alignment & leadership development programs at the front end of a project can reap massive rewards, saving money and effort.  

Team Building – Creating connected Teams

A team’s effectiveness can be hampered by a lack of dedicated time focused on building understanding, connection and rapport. We have extensive experience in helping teams work smarter through aligning outcomes, appreciating diversity, acknowledging different work styles, engaging in collaborative behaviours, respecting differing priorities, styles of thinking and communication preferences.

Diagnostics for Teams

We’re accredited in a wide range of Team Appraisals, Team Building Frameworks,  Conflict Questionnaires, Leadership and Management Assessments, Competency Frameworks, Behavioural Profiling Tools, 360 Feedback, Developmental Models and Personality Typing Instruments.  Contact us to discuss what will best serve your teams’ needs and business outcomes. 

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