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Facilitation for Alliances, PPPs and Collaborative Relationships

Alliances, PPPs and Collaborative Relationships Strategic Facilitation for Meetings & Workshops Change Management & Cultural Transformation Organisational Development Team Building & Alignment Building High Performing Teams Leadership Development Training and Skill Development Chairing Meetings & Workshops Frameworks, Tools, Models and Methodologies

Partnerships and Alliance Facilitators

Facilitating Collaborative Relationships

Facilitating Collaborative Relationships

Successful PPPs, joint ventures, partnerships, and alliances require collaborative relationships, clarity and alignment amongst and between Executive Leadership Teams (ELT) and Project Management Teams (PMT). Skilled at facilitating
complex and crucial conversations we can help you bring together different work entities, each with their own distinctive work culture, potentially competing goals and differing capabilities.

Getting the foundation ‘right’ is fundamental to setting up for project success.  Familiar with engineering, construction and the resource sectors; our professional facilitators tailor agendas and group processes to generate collaboration and alignment, including: 

  • forming intentional relationships and aligning teams
  • creating shared, agreed and upheld ground rules
  • defining and sustaining visions, values, project goals, behaviours and measures
  • successfully launching projects
  • stakeholder and community engagementFacilitating project team alignment
  • enhancing collaboration
  • facilitating vital and courageous conversations 
  • supporting communication and change management
  • training and development in ‘soft skills’
  • resolving intra and inter team conflict
  • lessons learned, value engineering and commissioning

“As a facilitator Susan is a very skilled operator. In a recent workshop she was able to navigate a large group of engineers through a two day agenda and keep all involved and interested. The workshop was well received and resulted in positive outcomes that will hopefully lead to the participants working closer together and delivering better outcomes.”         Stephen Horrocks, Project Director – Wastewater, Water Corporation 


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