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Hosting Meetings & Panel Discussions, Moderating Seminars, Master of Ceremonies

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Meeting Facilitation

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A master of ceremonies, host, facilitator, skilful chairperson or moderator can create:  active participation, increased commitment, innovative solutions / problem solving, opportunities for creativity, well informed groups, clear decision making and efficient use of time.

Bring some zing to your event! When planning your annual conference, industry meetings, convention or seminars call upon Facilitating Success’s 30 years’ experience in event management to ensure you get your desired results. 

Let us host your meeting so you can be fully involved 

Meeting Host

A professional facilitator will allow you to be fully involved and have deeper dialogue with your team

Poorly planned and managed meetings can result in damage to your reputation, low engagement from your attendees, breakdowns in communication, inefficiency, unnecessary stress and/or poor committee relationships – all while wasting time and money.

We are accomplished in a wide range of approaches to create deep dialogue within groups, teams, boards and organisations.  Facilitating Success is excited to be partnering with an exciting and cost effective, interactive IT meeting technology. Our professional facilitation services include:

  • Open Space                                                          •  World Cafe
  • Appreciative Inquiry                                               •  Spiral Dynamics
  • Process Facilitation                                               •  Accelerated & Action Learning
  • DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats                                     •  Group Map Technology

Talk with us about your situation and desired outcomes and we will work with you to determine the best way to shape your key organisational conversations. 

We can also provide advice and recommendations for:

  • Event and Conference Theming                              •  Reward and Recognition
  • Team Away Days                                                     •  Interactive Group Events