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Strategic and Transformational Facilitation for Business Meetings and Workshops

Alliances, PPPs and Collaborative Relationships Strategic Facilitation for Meetings & Workshops Change Management & Cultural Transformation Organisational Development Team Building & Alignment Building High Performing Teams Leadership Development Training and Skill Development Chairing Meetings & Workshops Frameworks, Tools, Models and Methodologies

keyboard-230Leverage our expertise to maximize Executive Board meetings, Vision, Mission and Values Workshops, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Consultations and Strategic Planning. Our 3rd party neutrality, skills in deepening dialogue, business consulting and facilitation services will allow you to better capitalize on your ideas and valuable time.

We can help in reducing business wastage from:

  • poorly planned agendas
  • mediocre or unproductive meetings
  • lack of alignment178175427-Group coaching around table
  • unsatisfactory communication
  • the emotional toll of unresolved conflict
  • actions and outcomes not being accurately recorded

We have experience facilitating:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Mergers:  Teams, Divisional, Company
  • Vision, Mission and Values Workshops
  • Board Meetings and Executive Workshops
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Consultation
  • Alliances, Partnerships and Collaborative Relationships
  • Team Alignment and Project Launch Sessions

It’s difficult to manage the meeting content and format whilst being an active meeting participant – advocating your point of view!  Add to this complexity –  differing needs, personalities, values, opinions and positions all of which can create breakdown in understanding, relationships and productivity.  Our facilitation services will save you money!

“Your style of facilitating was very unique in the way you involved all of us.  What also made a difference was your ability to draw out what each of our visions are for the business.  The way you examined the business in terms of systems, sales & service – inviting each of us to look at areas we could both individually and as a team improve – helped each person fully participate.”                  Tony Amor – Dealer Principal – Tony Amor Yamaha