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Professional Facilitation Services

Alliances, PPPs & Collaborative Relationships Strategic Facilitation for Meetings & Workshops Change Management & Cultural Transformation Organisational Development Team Building & Alignment Building High Performing Teams Leadership Development Training and Skill Development Chairing Meetings & Workshops Frameworks, Tools, Models and Methodologies

Professional FacilitatorsOur professional facilitation services brings a wide range of approaches to deepen dialogue within groups and organisations including: OPREP, CHPDP, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Open Space Facilitation, Business Constellation, Meeting Technology and of course more traditional facilitation processes.

Using a collaborative approach and a systemic lens, we work with you to design the most powerful facilitation methodology to best shape your organisational conversations. Facilitating Success facilitators are energetic and insightful, have strong business knowledge and deep listening skills.  We are masterful at designing and facilitating events that provide focus, build momentum and achieve your business results.  Having worked with groups of 5 to 300 people, our professional facilitators are experienced as meeting emcee’s, hosting panel discussions and meeting facilitation.

“I have been lucky enough to have experienced Susan’s facilitation skills on several occasions with differing groups both large and small and have been amazed at her ability to bring us all along, engage our input, keep us to task, tie a multitude of complexities together and enable great outcomes. She has a wonderful way with people, highly developed understanding of leadership and interpersonal relationships and unlike many other facilitators an affinity with business principals. I would highly recommend Susan’s facilitation services.”                            Mark Herbert – Manager, Infrastructure Design – Water Corporation

Our professional facilitation services include:

  • crafting agendas with clear goals, objectives and outputs to acknowledge and untangle complexities
  • creating engaging and results oriented symposiums, workshops, seminars and retreats
  • leading groups to draw out answers, build visions and develop plans
  • meeting facilitation and meeting emceeLightbub display-Resize
  • managing multi/concurrent conference sessions
  • using technology to increase meeting participation
  • engaging group participants via energising techniques to best elicit ideas

We have worked independently and through interpreters within multicultural contexts in Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa assisting organisations to realize individual, team and organizational potential.  Our breadth of experience gives us exposure to a diverse range of corporate and public sector cultures, organisational structures, responsibilities and dynamics.  This means our professional facilitators relate to people from a variety of nationalities, industry sectors, company backgrounds and roles.  154410981-Orgami cube