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Team Building, Team Away Days & Team Alignment Workshops

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TeamworkFacilitating Success provides team building activities which help create engagement, team alignment, and high performing teams.  Are you wanting a fun day out of the business – to build connection and rapport? Or a planned and staged journey to build team and organisational capability?

We have many different offerings for teams:

  • Team Building                                                                   •   Project Team Retreats
  • Team Away Days                                                               •  Building High Performing Teams    
  • Team Alignment                                                                •  Project Team Development
  • On-boarding Teams                                                          •  Group & Team Coaching

Team Building Sessions and Team Away DaysTeam Building Activiyties

Whether you want a course-room based day, indoor or outdoor interactive games, master-chef style activities, water sports or an Amazing Race around Perth, Mandurah or Fremantle or you have a different idea – talk to us!   We’ll work with you to create a team away day or team building session that will create both lasting impressions and immediate results. 

Project Team Alignment

Is your team responsible for achieving results within demanding environments, limited resources, scrutinized budgets and tightly allocated timeframes? Are you grappling with … unclear deliverables … gaps in leadership … silos competing with each other … unskilled team-member … dis-engaged … confused … or … upset people?   Our partnerships and alliance facilitators are skilled at:

  • crafting agendas to acknowledge and untangle complexities – whilst ensuring some fun!
  • building collaborative environments which fast track project teams for success
  • defining clear KPIs and measures to drive desired culture

    Fast track projects for success

  • deepening dialogue and facilitating crucial conversations
  • ensuring all ideas get heard
  • fostering alignment amongst different work divisions
  • delivering communication and soft skills training
  • addressing / resolving issues hampering complex projects


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