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Soft Skills Training & Organisational Development

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Trained in accelerated learning, action learning design and process facilitation we can provide a variety of soft skills training programs. Practical and results oriented,  we are noted for our ability to create dynamic learning environments which are highly interactive, providing participants with opportunities to practice new skills using materials directly relevant to their own situations.  Our vibrant workshops impart the knowledge, skills and competencies using simulations, videos, roleplays, lectures and case studies along with individual and group participation to maximise learning.   


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Crucial Conversation Skills

Courageous Workplace Conversations

Skills for holding courageous conversations allow us to more easily address conflict – but few of us have had training in this fundamental business competency.  Whilst not always easy to do, there are some key skills specific to having challenging conversations – and without the knowledge of how to have effective crucial conversations – issues can escalate!

Conflict Resolution Programs

“Susan has a rich and varied set of life experiences to draw upon and she openly shares these during the 2 day Conflict Resolution course. This really helped me to feel that the advice she was giving us was credible and built a sense of trust.  In my role I frequently have to deal with conflict both in managing my own staff, and in reporting upwards.  The skills and techniques I learned on the program found immediate application when I returned to work.  The course has helped me to navigate calmly through these conflicts and arrive at resolutions which satisfy everyone involved.  I recommend this course to anyone that manages a team or has ever had any challenges in working with supervisors, stakeholder groups or people more senior.”                                       Dan Beck – Senior Patent Analyst, Office of the Chief Economist – IP Australia

Soft skills training essential to building social and emotional intelligence in the workplace:

  • Running Effective, Efficient and Collaborative Meetings
  • Facilitating Effective Performance ConversationsCore competencies - resize
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders & Manager
  • Communicating Vision and Strategy
  • Building Collaborative Workplaces
  • An Introduction to NLP
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Influencing Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Selling with Integrity
  • Understanding Work Styles – DiSC in Action
  • Appreciating Differences  – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – HBDI
  • Recognising Type Differences for Individuals and Teams – MBTI

With 25 years of experience in the field of conflict resolution, Facilitating Success can tailor in-house programs providing skills for:

  • Building collaboration                                             •  Working with difficult people
  • Exploring & resolving conflict                                 •  Managing performance

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